Visioning Report

1) Looking at your committee description in the BYM Manual of Procedure: What is the most meaningful, enduring or vital part of your committee’s charge? Where is the energy, the Spirit, in it?

Our Committee sees the “charge” to “stimulate and coordinate activities of Monthly Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Commitees regarding those issues that affect the fabric of society and on which Quaker testimonies can be brought to bear,” as very important, and even vital. This is where we can be of most use to the Yearly Meeting.

2) How does the Committee seek to accomplish this vital work? What vision does this move us toward?

We attempt to do this by various means. We hold an annual networking day, where members of Monthly Meeting PSCCs can share and learn from each other. We sponsor workshops and interest groups at Yearly Meeting. We season issues for the Yearly Meeting, and often bring issues for action to its consideration. We feel we sometimes give voice to the “conscience” of the Yearly Meeting on issues involving peace and social justice.

We hope that this moves us toward a vision of a more peaceful and just world, where our Quaker testimonies are accepted and used as spiritual guidelines for society as a whole.

3) What can we do best at this level, rather than at our monthly meetings or through national or international

We can speak with one voice, encompassing over 40 Quaker meetings in four states and District of Columbia, and (4000?) Friends, on issues of state, national, and international concern.

4) How does the work of your Committee enrich, influence, or change Baltimore Yearly Meeting as a whole? Where do you see that work taking us as a Yearly Meeting?

We support Friends as they seek to apply our testimonies to their lives, individually, and corporately.

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