BYM IM in RIC 10-10-16

Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Interim Meeting

October 16, 2010

Richmond MM


1.      Opening Worship

2.      Welcome/Introductions

3.      Review Minutes

4.      Old Business/Reports

a.       A minute, laid over from Annual Session, proposing that Baltimore Yearly Meeting provide funds for the administrative expenses of Friends United Meeting during fiscal year 2011

b.      Right Sharing of World Resources – Karen Grisez

5.      New Business

a.       Friends International Library (Janet Riley, Sandy Springs MM)

b.      Witness to Innocence introduction – Brad Ogilvie

6.      Discussion

a.       PSSC Committee Goals for next three years.  What does the committee envision its role to be within the Yearly Meeting?  For Monthly Meetings?  On issues of concern?

b.      What does the committee envision the role of the clerk to be?

c.       Social Networking

d.      Other

7.      Monthly Meeting Announcements

8.      Closing Worship

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