The Peace and Social Concerns Committee consists of approximately 12 members nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the YearlyMeeting.

The Committee recognizes that an enduring peace requires social justice, and that the two are inextricably bound together. Friends’ concerns for nonviolence in international affairs and in the alleviation of situations of tension in society are translated into education and action programs of the Yearly Meeting. The Committee stimulates and coordinates activities of Monthly Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Committees regarding those issues that affect the fabric of society and on which Quaker testimonies can be brought to bear. It serves as a resource to Baltimore Yearly Meeting and its constituent Meetings, gathering and disseminating information.

The Right Sharing of World Resources Working Group (RSWRWG) is under the care of the Committee and works to keep alive throughout the Yearly Meeting the challenge to simplify our lives and to work in partnership with our sisters and brothers in the United States and throughout the world for a more equitable distribution of global resources. The RSWRWG works with monthly meetings and with the independent Quaker organization Right Sharing of World Resources, Inc. The RSWRWG facilitates the coordination and exchange of information, provides support for community development and self-help programs, and raises funds for these programs. It may also bring to the attention of the Yearly Meeting other international and domestic concerns that affect the relationship between people of greatly different economic means wherever they may live. RSWRWG’s activities come to the Yearly Meeting as part of this Committee’s report.

Friends are encouraged to record their personal statements of pacifism by sending signed and dated statements to their Monthly Meetings and to the Yearly Meeting. The names of all persons filing such statements are to be listed in the Yearbook published following receipt of the documents.

Manual of Procedure, August 2009, p20